Chapter 1 - Quick Tour

This chapter demonstrates basic ObjectDB and JPA concepts by introducing a simple example program. After reading this chapter you should be able to write basic programs that create, open and close ObjectDB databases and perform basic CRUD operations (Create/Store, Retrieve, Update and Delete) on ObjectDB databases.

The example program that this chapter presents manages a simple database that contains points in the plane. Each point is represented by an object with two int fields, x and y, that hold the point's x and y coordinates. The program demonstrates CRUD database operations by storing, retrieving, updating and deleting Point objects.

This chapter contains the following sections:

To run the sample program of this chapter in your IDE refer to one of the following tutorials:

These tutorials provide step by step instructions on how to start using JPA in your IDE with the ObjectDB object database. Given the simplicity of ObjectDB, that should be quick and easy even for a novice.