ObjectDB 2.8 Developer's Guide

Welcome to ObjectDB for Java/JPA Developer's Guide. Here you can learn how to develop database applications using ObjectDB and JPA (Java Persistence API). The main purpose of this guide is to make you productive with ObjectDB and JPA in a short time.

Guide Structure

This manual is divided into the following six chapters:

            Demonstrates basic database programming using ObjectDB and JPA.
            Shows how to define JPA entity classes that can be persisted in ObjectDB.
            Shows how to use JPA to store, retrieve, update and delete database objects.
            Explains how to use the JPA Query Language (JPQL).
            Presents ObjectDB Tools: the Explorer, the Enhancer, the Doctor, etc.
            Describes the ObjectDB configuration and explains how to tune ObjectDB.

Prerequisite Knowledge

A prior knowledge of database programming (SQL, JDBC, ORM or JPA) is not required in order to follow this guide, but a strong background and understanding of the Java language is essential.

Further Reading and Resources

This guide focuses mainly on practical issues in order to make the reader proficient in a short time. After reading this guide you may want to extend your knowledge of JPA by reading a book on JPA.