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jdoMakeDirty(fieldName) - JDO PersistenceCapable's method

void jdoMakeDirty(
  String fieldName

Explicitly mark this instance and this field dirty. Normally, PersistenceCapable classes are able to detect changes made to their fields. However, if a reference to an array is given to a method outside the class, and the array is modified, then the persistent instance is not aware of the change. This API allows the application to notify the instance that a change was made to a field.

The field name should be the fully qualified name, including package name and class name of the class declaring the field. This allows unambiguous identification of the field to be marked dirty. If multiple classes declare the same field, and if the package and class name are not provided by the parameter in this API, then the field marked dirty is the field declared by the most derived class.

Transient instances ignore this method.

fieldName - the name of the field to be marked dirty.
JDO 1.0