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transform(loader, className, classBeingRedefined, protectionDomain, classfileBuffer) - JPA ClassTransformer's method

byte[] transform(
  ClassLoader loader,
  String className,
  Class<?> classBeingRedefined,
  ProtectionDomain protectionDomain,
  byte[] classfileBuffer

Invoked when a class is being loaded or redefined. The implementation of this method may transform the supplied class file and return a new replacement class file.
loader - the defining loader of the class to be transformed, may be null if the bootstrap loader
className - the name of the class in the internal form of fully qualified class and interface names
classBeingRedefined - if this is a redefine, the class being redefined, otherwise null
protectionDomain - the protection domain of the class being defined or redefined
classfileBuffer - the input byte buffer in class file format - must not be modified
a well-formed class file buffer (the result of the transform), or null if no transform is performed
IllegalClassFormatException - if the input does not represent a well-formed class file
JPA 1.0