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What is new in ObjectDB 2.0?

ObjectDB 2.0 supports many new features and improvements, including:

  • Most of the features of the new JPA 2.0 and JDO 2.2 APIs.
  • User defined IDs (primary key) and sequences.
  • Support of unlimited index keys size.
  • SQL like queries ("select from ... where ...").
  • Real non blocking multithreading in query execution.
  • Support of composite indexes and using indexes in query result sort.
  • Improved query optimization engine.
  • Detach / Attach.
  • Support of persistent classes that are not enhanced.
  • Improved optimistic locking support.
  • Performance improvement in writing and reading of objects.
  • Level 2 (PersistenceManagerFactory scope) object data cache.
  • Query program cache for repeating queries with different arguments.
  • Query result cache for repeating queries with identical arguments.
  • Improved configurable database page cache.
  • Designed to support very large database files (terabytes).
  • Reducing round trips in JDO bulk operations (e.g. refreshAll).
  • JDO Enhancer supports enhancing of complete JAR files.