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Need disk usage and delete some old files


    Hello , is it possible to get disk usage of database ?

If disk usage becomes too high , delete old date files from database.

And recalculate disk usage back ?



Since an ObjectDB database is a single file you can simply check its size using the length() method.

In embedded mode this should be simple.

In client-server mode - you can retrieve the server file system root by:

File root = com.objectdb.Utilities.getServerFileSystem(
    host, port, username, password, false);

and specific directory (and possibly file) using:

File dir = com.objectdb.Utilities.getServerFileSystem(
    host, port, username, password, path, false);


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    what about backup ?

can we make backup by only copying objectdb file?

if we make backup by objectdb file , will it make problem for future release of objectdb?



You can read about backup on this manual page.

If you have questions about backup, please open a new forum thread, since this thread is titled "Need disk usage and delete some old files" and should be focus only on that subject.

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