Log is almost empty (log level 'trace')



Using 2.4.6_01 version on Linux (2.6.18, VPS).. 

Just wondering what should I suppose to see in a log file with a log level 'trace'/'debug'..

Trying to fix an issue that server version sometimes accidentally quits without any notice..

My log file (independently on whats specified in config file) has only database open/close messages,

some query.compiler info but nothing more.. 

Is that right behaviour? Are there are server statistics API/logs available?




Please provide more details about the server sudden quit. Does the process exit?

Note that in client-server mode you usually have two log files, one on the server side and the other on the client side. If there is a connection problem, an exception stack trace should be written at least to one of them. Unfortunately no much other useful logging information is currently produced by the server.

Sometimes a networking problem occurs because of reusing sockets, which become obsolete (e.g. due to inactivity) by the operating system, firewall, etc. In that case setting a non zero inactivity timeout (e.g. 600 seconds) may solve the problem.

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Well, I know it may sounds a bit stupid, but from what I could see server process _just_ quit.. that's why logging issue arise. 

Nothing really useful in any of system logs as well as VPS stats.. everything much below possible critical margins, so I doubt it's a problem of VPS config.

Regarding 'Inactivity period', I indeed saw several messages in log about reuse address while binding..  that's a famouse issue about SO_REUSE but I honestly dont see any relation.

I'll try to play with inactivity timeout and let you know results.



The server can quit silently when it gets a special request to do that by a new connection. This is used by the stop command, but could theoretically happen also by any software that connects the server and sends that special code.

If it happens again after setting inactivity timeout, please report, and we will try to find the cause by adding logging information that may be relevant.

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Build 2.4.6_10 adds simple logging of starting/stopping the server (at INFO level).

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