Failed to write to ObjectDB log file


I get an Error message:

Failed to create a new file 'file:C:\Programme\Cytoscape_v2.8.3\plugins\log\odb20130502.log

my program is a Cytoscape plugin.


ObjectDB has no permission to create a log file at the default path.

Possible solutions:

  • Grant the ObjectDB process permission to write to that path.
  • Disable logging by specifying an empty path.
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ObjectDB - Fast Object Database for Java (JPA/JDO)

In my project I want to include objectdb.jar into my jar program. Thus, I have unzipped objectdb.jar, change objectdb.conf in META-INF folder to disable logging by specifying empty path. Then, zipped back into objectdb.jar file. Now it works fine. Thanks! 

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