How to have a distribuited GWT application with ObjectDB and Spring?


Hello to everyone!

I've been developing a GwT application as a project for my computer science faculty. It consists in 2 or 3 hosts running it, each of one has a client and a server and it is designed for a company renting cars which has 2 or 3 different points in a town. So each point of renting has got its own client/server in the same host. The problems comes out when point A has finished the cars to rent and needs to ask for some of them to point B or point C. So GWT application of point A needs to access the remote database in hosts of point B or Point C. As database we use Objectdb because it's very simple and efficient and we use Spring to better interface between database and application. I've learnt that with Spring it's possible to create REST services to access the other remote databases via URL...I would need some explanation on how to do it, or a simple guid. Can you help me?


We will be happy to help you regarding using ObjectDB, but apparently you are interested in a Spring Framework feature, so you may want to look first for information and advice in Spring Framework related documentation / forums.

If you try this Spring feature and it fails to work with ObjectDB, please explain what you do and what doesn't work, and we will try to help.

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The problem is that I'm a completely newbie to all this.

Using spring framework seems very difficult as one of my mates says and he's a very good one at programming in java and objectdb.

So...can you explain us something? I think we won't use Spring because it's really hard to understand and we don't have time to waste because in a month we have to finish this project.

Thank you and excuse me :(


We can not advise you whether or not to use Spring Framework in your project.

But if your time is limited, consider using one ObjectDB database, which would be accessed from all the hosts, rather than a separate database for every host.

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here we go! That's the point!

We CAN'T use one central objectdb because that asshole of out teacher wants us to build a distribuited gwt app. 

so there are multiple hosts, each one with its own database and client.

When we operate in local, all works fine. The problem is to access the other objectdb to CRUD data...


OK, so you must have several databases. If every host runs its own ObjectDB database as a database server, each database has a unique url and each database can be accessed by that url. In standard JPA you may define several persistence units, one for each database, and connects them as necessary.

Every host should be able to use all the persistence units, as necessary.

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