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Deadlock problems solved - a suggestion


Thanks to the new logging capability, I have managed to solve all the deadlock problems, as they were a result of Objectdb encountering new classes in multi-threaded code.  I have a suggestion that might be useful for other users - how about an Ant task that, given a database URL, performs the necessary schema changes (including creating the database if necessary), so that a database is already set up with the complete schema before an application runs?  All the information about the schema should be visible from a combination of XML files (such as package.jdo) and/or annotations.


Thank you for your suggestion. The deadlock problem was filed as an issue.

Hopefully this will be fixed soon and then a workaround will not be required.

Update: An attempt to fix the deadlock is included in version 2.5.1.

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That would be a much easier solution.  Thank you for your fast and effective responses to problems.  This is one of the factors that led us to choose ObjectDB for a major project.



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