Not Enhanced: ...: com.objectdb.o.TEX: Type ..._$$_javassist_1 is not found


Hello! ObjectDB logs these errors when I start the app and open the log in page. (see attachment)

dk.mandecentret.boundary.AuthB is a @javax.enterprise.context.RequestScoped and dk.mandecentret.boundary.UserSessionB is @javax.enterprise.context.SessionScoped. AuthB contains UserSessionB through @Inject. Both are not entities or anything related to ObjectDB. AuthB is used in a JSF page for login. UserSessionB contains @Inject UserC, which is @Stateless for dealing with CRUD operations on User (an ObjectDB Entity).

These errors appear when I just navigate to the page, so when AuthB is loaded, because is @RequestScoped.

I must mention that login works without problem. Creating and editing of User entities works also. This just appears in ObjectDB's logs and I was wondering why.


The exception is thrown during an attempt to load a class in order to check if it needs enhancement.

As you noted, this class is not related to ObjectDB and does not need enhancement, but the exception is thrown when ObjectDB tries to load it, before it is checked.

You may ignore this exception, or decrease the logging level of this ObjectDB component to ERROR:

  <logger name="enhancer.agent" level="error" />

The level of this message may change from WARNING to DEBUG in the future.

ObjectDB Support

I understand. Thank you.