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JPA Level 2 Cache - app config


Hello! I would like to use selective cache for JPA Level 2 (cached in EntityManagerFactory) in one app, but no cache at all in another app. Both will be connected to the same ObjectDB server & db.

Where and how can I set this to work for ObjectDB?

https://www.objectdb.com/java/jpa/setting/entities#The_cache_element_ specifies only amount of MB used for Level 2 cache, but the config is at server level, yet I need it at application level.

This is a "must need" in order to use ObjectDB for this project.

Any help, please?


You can configure the L2 cache in the application level (and even in class / operation levels).

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Phew. Thanks a lot.

I saw that part which specified just config in server and I got "scared", that I didn't search further.

Great. Have a nice day!



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