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The attached image represents the error I got yesterday when I posted my previous reply with "Phew. Thanks a lot..."

I thought that you might want to see it. I couldn't upload it yesterday, even though I tried 5 times. The website didn't allow.

Moreover, sometimes objectdb's website loads extremely low, between 8-15 seconds for each page. Can you do something to improve it, please? It's a real pain during the day if I want to use it (forum/bugs/docs).



The error message is related to your email address with Yahoo. As a workaround, either disable "Auto Subscribe" in your ObjectDB account settings, or provide a different email address. This is because currently Yahoo rejects emails from ObjectDB website. No similar problems are known with other mail providers.

We will check what can be done with Yahoo, as well as with the occasional website speed issues.

Thank you for this report.

ObjectDB Support
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Now it seems to work.

I got all notifications for my latest post: http://www.objectdb.com/database/forum/638

It's the first time when it happens, 100% reliable and no delay at all.

Good job, ObjectDB team!

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