Great product - needs better marketing - more popularity


Hi, ObjectDB!

While you have a very nice product, which I recommend everywhere I go, it is quite difficult to explain to my customers what is it and why we should use it, and things like that, because it's quite unknown. 

It's a great product, therefore I'm building the 3rd product based on ObjectDB since the beginning of this year, but I think it would be much better if your db was more popular.

Moreover, companies ask if they can rely on an unknown vendor with their long term software investment. It would be much better if these questions were not necessary to be asked.

Any plans for this?

What about making a section for customer reviews and real life scenarios of their implementations. Well...not all companies will be willing to make this public, but at least it will be something.

You have a great product, but you need great marketing also. They are both dependent on each other, quality and popularity.

What is your view on this?


I'd like to add my good experience with ObjectDB to that of zmirc.

I've been working with ObjectDB almost daily from March 2013, and with relational and object DBMSs for over thirty years.

I'm currently building foundation frameworks and classes for customer management and manufacturer agent applications containing substantial complexity and functional richness. I've not yet done any stress testing.

This product has so far flawlessly done everything I wanted my database management system to do, seemingly with ease.

Regarding market share, the high quality product, reasonable price, and excellent support are clear selling points. (JPA and JDO APIs versus an elegant proprietary API is a negative sales point to me.) I would see long term viability as being the hardest marketing problem to overcome.


Thank you for your kind words regarding your ObjectDB experience and for the productive ideas.

ObjectDB is in use since 2004 by many companies and organizations in critical applications that require very high performance and rapid development (including in the defence industry and in banking).

Unfortunately ODBMS did not get into the main stream yet and comparing to popular RDBMS (such as Oracle, SQL Server, My SQL, etc) object databases in general are much less popular and known. It will probably remain this way in the near future, so we may invest more in marketing, but expectations should remain realistic.

Supporting the JPA and JDO APIs is an important selling point for customers that are concerned about their long term software development investment. Any investment that you make in a software that uses ObjectDB is secured by the standard API, because if necessary, you can easily switch to another RDBMS or ODBMS vendor that supports the same API.

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