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ObjectDB Explorer very slow with remote con



I started to use ObjectDB Explorer to administrate a remote DB (on a server), but it seems to be very slow.

The database is quite empty now, just between 5-20 records / entity, but it's still very very slow. That's the only thing that is slow on my server...

How can I speed it up?


It's sooooo slow. It takes ages to open an entity or to refresh data.


It shouldn't be so slow. Try with firewall disabled.

If it is still slow, try to collect some profiling information that may indicate where is the problem.

We can also try accessing the database remotely to see, if you provide connection details.

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It sees that it wasn't Explorer's fault. By having just 1 SSH connection to the VPS, it works at an acceptable speed.

Sorry and thanks for your reply.

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