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We have a ObjectDB instalation and licence for one server on a virtual machine within ESXi, we would like to migrate it to Physical server, is there any restrictions in moving or when reinstaling a server with ObjectDB instalation.

Thank you.


A Server license is non transferable, so once installed, should be used only for that specific machine. You should be able, however to install it on the same machine with other environments (virtual OS, etc.)

Our site and OEM licenses enable unlimited number of installations (either in one site or worldwide, respectively).

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so if a remove the VMware ESXi from the physical server should be able to install a fresh OS and ObjectDB instalation since i have a VM with ObjectDB runing on it.

How can i get prices for OEM licence. We have a DMS like custom build software with 5-6 customers and 2-3 developers working on it. Curently using OracleXE but would consider moving all of them to ObjectDB.



Yes, you should be able to install a fresh OS and then use ObjectDB again on that machine. If you experience difficulties (technical issues exist with moving from/to some OS), please create a private support ticket and we will try to help.

Thank you for your interest in an OEM license. Someone from sales will contact you shortly.

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