Allow removal of entity class from ObjectDB & Explorer


Hi. It would be very useful to be able to delete an entire entity class from ObjectDB, but especially from Explorer.

This is very useful for everyone, but also for clients that don't own a license, thus they're limited to 10 entities / db.

During the life time of a software, many changes appear to its data structure. When an entity class becomes unnecessary, we should be able to remove it, thus to get space for another one.

Currently, we are not able to do that, which is frustrating. We're forced to migrate go a new db file, which is very problematic in production environments. During first version's development, it's not so impossible, but the moment an application goes in production, it's very cumbersome to make this operation.

This feature request was mentioned in the forum also, therefore I made a feature request with it.

We look forward to having this feature available. Thanks!



I also wait that this feature will be added.

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