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JPA-Query does not lead to any result



we have a database with a Entitiy inside which we want to fetch with a query. Normally that works without a problem, but in case of this database that query does not have any results. Can anyome help us what the problem is?

SELECT FROM UserModelData usr WHERE usr.userName = 'admin'

Attached are two databases, one where the query has a result and one where the query does not has any results.


The query is executed using an index on field userName.

In not-working.odb, the index looks:

0 -> UserModelData:"admin"
"system" -> UserModelData:"system"

It is unclear why the first index entry contains a number (0) rather than a string ("admin").

If you have more information about this specific file it may help.

You should be able to fix indexes by running the ObjectDB Doctor.

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