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Using explorer with a live embedded db


I want to use ObjectDB explorer with a running embedded db.

This issue:  http://www.objectdb.com/database/forum/617   shows a way to do it.

I followed the instructions, but still received an error when trying to connect:

"...database ... currently in use by another process"

I used an explorer on the same machine, trying to connect in both embedded and client-server mode.

I could connect when I stopped my program that embedded the db.

Is   <embedded-server enabled="true" />  still supposed to work.   (ObjectDB 2.5.3)  ?



Yes, it should work.

Please make sure that you set the correct objectdb.conf file, i.e. the one that is accessed by the Explorer, which many times is different than the one that is in use by the application.

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Thanks, but I have not had success yet.

Can you please confirm I need to:

1. Edit the objectdb.conf INSIDE the objectdb-jee.jar file that I am using in my embedded app

2. Edit the objectdb.conf INSIDE the objectdb.jar file that Explorer uses

3. Edit objectdb.conf for my  objectDB server.

4. Start the server, then my application,  then connect Explorer using C/S  to host port myDbFile.odb as in attached image



Usually there is no need to edit the configuration inside the ObjectDB jar file. This resource contains the default configuration and is in use only when no configuration file is found elsewhere.

Please read the explanations on this manual page, regarding where ObjectDB tries to find the configuration.

If you use ObjectDB in embedded mode, the ObjectDB server is irrelevant. Find the location of the objectdb.jar file that is in use by your application, then figure out where the objectdb.conf should be located.

Maybe the configuration is correctly and the problem is elsewhere. Do you specify port 10306 in the url of the embedded database? Can you try using an ordinary disk rather than a ramdisk (just as a check)?

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