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1. I could not find a way, to declare the name of the backup-file (while running the database).  The only way I found is to create the folder in which objectdb will copy the database - file:

Query backupQuery = em.createQuery("objectdb backup");
backupQuery.setParameter("target", new"c:\\backup"));

The code above, for instance, could create a backup at c:\backup\201012312359\test.odb regardless of the ObjectDB home directory location.

Is there any way to create the backup database-file to a self defined target without any Date/Time Information
maybe: ../Users/backup/mybackup.objectdb


2. What about the $odb File ? Does this file needs to be backed up?

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  1. Currently you can only set the backup parent folder, the name of the backup file is identical to the name of the database file, and it would be located in a sub folder whose name reflects the date and time. Additional option can be added in future versions of ObjectDB. You may file a feature request, describing the exact functionality that you suggest.
  2. When using the online backup ObjectDB creates a backup database with no $odb file. That $odb file is necessary to recover when the database is not closed properly, but the backup database doesn't need such a file.
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thank you for reply

2. that seems reasonable

1. Our server does (minimum) one database-file backup per day and the size may be in between 100 MB to 1GB (without documents) which means the size of the backup directory will increase rapidly. To avoid some losts there is also a daily (incremental) xml-dump of all changed database objects, so there is no need for the whole bunch of backup files over the time. And our customers are not at all really it-professionals (which means some of them doesn't even really care about database and backup-files at all), so over the years there will be Terabytes of useless old backup files. Of course we could write a workaround (and will do that if necessary) but (in addition to the existing backup strategie) it would be nice if its possible to define the name of the backup-file (or maybe the final backup-folder) in which the backup is done. 

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