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Missing atificat for ObjectDB?


Hello! I am testing the Spring MVC and JPA tutorial, and always got an error in the POM file:



There is a red flag on this dependency and says missing aritificat com.objectdb.objectdb.jar. After I remove this section, the POM file is ok. I am running Eclipse EE and following the tutorial.

I am new to Maven. What's the problem? Thanks.



Use version 2.5.3, which is the latest one, not 2.0.4.

You should also make sure that ObjectDB Maven repository is specified in your pom.xml:

   <name>ObjectDB Repository</name>

It should be ok now.


That you. What's strange is that it still can't work. I checked Windows' users directory, local .m2 repository, and found under com/objectdb/objectdb, there are only two files:




They should have been "xxx.jar" and "xxx.pom", with another file named "_maven.repositories", which is missing. It seems somehow the update is partially completed.


Any further idea? Thanks.



Do I have to move the objectdb package to our company's own maven repository? Our tunnel starts with localhost:8081/


Or I don't have to move? Thanks.


You may try moving the ObjectDB package manually, although it should work automatically.

It is unclear why you have these issues. You may try other ObjectDB version, e.g. 2.5.2, and see what is downloaded to your local Maven repository.

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