Failed to read the value of field using reflection (error 363)


I have encountered this error from one of the many servers hosting my application. Other servers didn't encounter errors of this kind and running without problems.

My system provider said that nearly all of the servers are VM-based including this one which encountered this error. It is the 'youngest' server in deployment. I can get more information as you require.

As the application developer, I am perplexed as I have use JPA and ObjectDB for years now. I could use your assistance in overcoming this problem. Thank you.




This could be a bug in ObjectDB that has already been fixed. The stack trace is produced by ObjectDB 2.3.7, which is 2 years old now, and many issues have been fixed in the last 2 years.

Please try switching to the last ObjectDB version. It is also recommended that you check the database file with the ObjectDB Doctor, and use it to fix the database, if necessary.


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We have changed the JAR file to [2.5.3_03], and switch from embedded mode to server mode. The error still persists (see attachment).



Could you please provide a stack trace with the last ObjectDB version (2.5.4_03)?

In addition, please check the database with the ObjectDB Doctor and post the results.

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ObjectDB - Fast Object Database for Java (JPA/JDO)

I wish to update that the issue has been resolved.


We have isolated the problem to the JRE version 1.6 u37. After updating to 1.6 u39 (around 3 hours ago), we have not encountered the problem since. We also reverted the ObjectDB JAR to [2.3.7_08] after the update.

If you need more information, I'll do my best to provide them. We really want to move on with the project,  so time is essential.


Thank you for the support.


Good to hear that it was solved and thank you for the update.

Still, it is highly recommended to upgrade ObjectDB from version 2.3.7_08, since many bugs have been fixed and the new versions are much more stable.

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ObjectDB - Fast Object Database for Java (JPA/JDO)

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