ObjectDB shuts down


Hi, we have a problem with OBjectDB shuts down every few days, sometimes every day. It always happens in the morning ie. after several hours of inactivity although we are not sure if this is the reason. Last night we maintained constant activity during the whole night (user were frequently using the application) and DB was OK.

Is it possible that DB shuts down if the port communication is idle, or some similar inactivity. When inspecting the log it doesn’t show anything why the database has stopped. DB can be normally started after it shutdowns and log continues. Logging is currently set to TRACE level.
ObjectDB is running on CentOS, and it doesn’t show any problems, log doesn’t log any problems with network, ports etc.
Does anybody has any suggestions.



It might be that CentOS starts to kill processes if it runs out of memory, in order to keep the necessary amount of RAM available for itself. I experienced something similar when my app server (Tomcat/Tomee) was using too much memory (out of the total available), thus CentOS was killing it.


We monitored the DB server RAM usage and it is max 2%, server has 16GB RAM altough it is a 32bit CentOS. Measurment was done while runing few hundreds queries and the whole database is arround 10-15MB.

Not sure this is the problem but we instaled today a JVM profiler, maybe more info will be available.



When the server is shutting down, do you see a stop message in the log? If yes, is it always exactly at the same time?

Are these shutdowns also terminating the process?

Since you mentioned idle action, you may want to check the inactivity setting, although it should not shutdown the server, just an idle connection.




ObjectDB Support

Hi, there is no STOP message in the log. Shutdown doesnt hapen always exactly at the same time.

Shutdowns are terminating the proces.

Will analyse more in the folowing days and provide more detailed info.