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How to install ObjectDB on my Amazon EC2?


Hi I just created an Amazon EC2 account and I want to build project based on Java/JPA and ObjectDB.

I searched the web but didn't find any proper tutorials.

I appreciate if you help me with a guide. Thanks. 



You download ObjectDB on your machine, then you upload it on Amazon's VPS, then unzip the ObjectDB archive, then you navigate into "bin" folder of the folder that was created due to unzipping, then you run "nohup sh server.sh start &".

Important, before doing this, make sure you have Java installed and in class path on that machine (Amazon VPS).

For more info about "nohup", "sh" and "&", Google for this Linux commands.


This website has several getting started tutorials. You should first run one of them and build your project in your development environment (e.g. using Eclipse / NetBeans). When the project is ready you can deploy it on Amazon EC2.

As explained in post #2 above, you can run an ObjectDB Server on your Amazon EC2 instance. But you can also use ObjectDB in embedded mode, and in that case you only have to run a Java Web Server / Web Application, and ObjectDB will be used as a library with no separate process, as part of your web application (in that case, no need to run an ObjectDB Server as in post #2 above).

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