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Netbeans-Friendly Javadocs


Is there a .jar or URL that I can use to get javadocs that work within Netbeans code prediction popup boxes?

I tried attaching the URL: to the EntityManager object in Netbeans but it gives me the error:

Javadoc not found. Either Javadoc documentation for this item does not exist or you have not added specified Javadoc in the Java Platform Manager or the Library Manager.


You can use the file that is included in the ObjectDB distribution (in the doc directory).

It works when adding it through Tools > Java Platforms > JDK ... > Javadoc > Add ZIP/Folder...

although there may be a better place to add this documentation to NetBeans.

ObjectDB Support
ObjectDB - Fast Object Database for Java (JPA/JDO)

I had an issue where the javadocs were still not working after repeating the above process. I fixed it by exiting Netbeans and going back in again.


It would probably be a lot easier if I could just import a secondary .jar file to go along with objectdb.jar - similar to how most other 3rd party plug-ins work...

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