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Explorer shows Long id, but should be Integer



I have seen a strange behavior of ObjectDB Explorer: it shows @Id as being Long, not Integer as it's normally declared in the java class. This happens now with all entities in all 3 databases used for one project.

If I open one of the entities in the explorer, then I click on it's id (in the sample on parts of the Embedded id) as if I would want to edit, then I press enter and ObjectDB Explorer shows the field type as Integer, as it should normally be.

I have attached just a small sample to see.

2.5.3 and 2.5.4_05 have been tried, and both have this error.


This happens after recreating all 3 databases with Doctor as well.

It's quite strange and problematic, because I think it affects the code as well because it's a different data type.


Thank you for this report. Version 2.5.5 fixes this Explorer issue.

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Thank you. It seems to work properly now.

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