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How to get Foreign key using  org.eclipse.persistence.queries.WriteObjectQuery class ..?

please help me by using this class only..why means i am implementing audit log concept in my application, so i have forms like header level and line level forms. so when i am updating line level i can get line level primary key but i also nead to get foreign key which is belongs to header.

WriteObjectQuery query = (WriteObjectQuery) event.getQuery();

query.getReferenceClass().getSimpleName() by using this i got pojo name

query.getPrimaryKey() by using this i can get primary key now i nead to get foreighn key also how can i get it..?

Please help me asap......

Thanks in Advance...?


Are you using ObjectDB or EclipseLink?

For EclipseLink questions please use the EclipseLink forum.

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