Homepage and forum nearly inaccessible


Homepage and forum nearly inaccessible from France/Germany, takes minutes to react.


I'm guessing that the cause of the page delays is already known, but as an additional data point I'm experiencing a 15 or so second delay here in Canada where  a second or two is normal for me.


Due to severe networking issues in the last weeks and particularly in the last few days, we switched a data center today and moved to a new provider. 

Sorry for the inconvenience. Hopefully our website will be more stable now.

If there are still issues with the website, please report. Thanks!


ObjectDB Support

It is still very slow, and it has been like that for 1 year, since I started using ObjectDB.

I'm also accessing from Europe, and many times I have up to 15 seconds waiting time for a request to complete. Sometimes it doesn't even load at all. Sometimes it happens to load fast, but most of the time it's slow or very slow.

Buy proper hosting, come on! It's a shame.


Moreover, when I submitted my previous post I got this error shown in the attachment.


I would just like to confirm that as of May 19 22:00 the site is responding fairly normally when accessing from Germany.

Let's hope it stays that way! 



Just verified that the problem is fixed here in Canada too - one or two second response time.

Thank you ObjectDB for your quick fix, which is what we all now expect from you, as normal. :)


We think we found two issues that may cause website performance and stability problems, both issues are related to massive automatic (non human) HTTP requests to out website:

  1. Our Maven server receives occasionally a flood of automatic requests (for ObjectDB jar files and for other unrelated jars). As a fix we moved the Maven server today to another node in a different location.
  2. Search engine bots (Google, Bing) send search requests (to our internal website search box) in order to index search result pages from ObjectDB. The search itself is a heavy operation, and thousands of search requests for different terms in a short time throttle our website. As a first aid we completely disabled the internal search today.

We hope that these changes will help in the short term, since unfortunately moving hosts (and we tried several different providers, including Amazon, in the last year) hasn't solved the problem.

In the long term, we are working on moving our website from Drupal/PHP to Java, and when this is ready operations that are slow now (such as searching and posting) are expected to be much faster.

Thank you all for the feedback and sorry again for the inconvenience.

ObjectDB Support


Yesterday and today, the average page load is 15 seconds from Denmark. Very few times it's below 5.

Something is not right, and my internet connection is blazing fast.


Update: today it works pretty fast, but I can't log in using Chrome and Firefox (discussed in other thread).

The log in seems to work, after I enter my credentials, but the website still shows me as not being logged in, so something is wrong.