ObjectDB stability after power failure


I'm considering using ObjectDB in a system that is going to be running continuously without support instantly available for many years.  How stable is ObjectDB when it comes to power failures and unattended restarts?  Is database integrity maintained during such events?  I have seen database vendors perform 'kick the plug out' demonstrations of how their product will survive power failures.  Is ObjectDB suitably robust that it won't fail in such situations?   


ObjectDB has two different mechanisms that should enable fully automatic recovery on power failure: Recovery File and Recording. If you try a 'kick the plug out' while ObjectDB is running, the database is not expected to be corrupted. When the database is opened again it should be recovered automatically.

In addition you may use replication and online backup to protect your data. Finally, if everything goes wrong you can use the Doctor to fix the database. In general the risk of losing data is very small.




ObjectDB Support

Thank you for the response - it is encouraging.  I will definitely be testing objectdb further for a substantial project.  

After further tests, I'm now going to recommend objectdb for this use.  Your prompt and effective response to questions is part of the reason for this recommendation.