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Since yesterday, I can't post on the forum because it always says that I should log in in order to do that.

I was already logged in, but, anyway, it appeared as not.
I go to log in, then I authenticate, then I'm redirected to the home page, but it still looks that I'm not logged in, so I can't post on the forum.
I tried removing the cookies, but nothing. I tried in another browser, but the same.

I have new bugs to post, so it's pretty important.


We used your account and posted your email about this issue as a test (and to let other users know about this problem). We had to change your password so please set your password again.

We received a similar report from another user and apparently after a similar action of changing his password the problem was solved. Nothing in our website code was changed, so this issue may be related to moving our website to a new host, and maybe some cache issue. 


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Interesting, especially because I still can't get it to work with the new password.

I tried in Chrome and Firefox. I tried in incognito, but nothing.

Just in Internet Explorer 11 your website seems to work properly.


It may be related to cookies. It seems that somehow your browsers (at least Chrome and FF) do not return cookies that are used to identify a logged in user. I use Chrome and do not have that problem, so it doesn't affect everyone and may be related to browser settings.

This is weird because we didn't change anything in that code, just moved the website to another host. 

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Something to check that maybe could help.

Log out from the website. Delete all the browser cookies. Log in again.

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I deleted the cookies and tried to log in again many times. I've also tried in incognito, which does that automatically.

There's no way I can log out, because the website keeps acting as if I weren't logged in, even though I do actually log in.


  1. I open
  2. I delete all cookies / open incognito
  3. I go to log in
  4. I log in, which redirects me to the home page
  5. The website does still look as I didn't log in (I can still see the log in button in the top right corner)

PS. Now I'm writing from IE.


To check if this is a cache issue, could you please try adding a dummy parameter (e.g. ?x) to urls on our website?

In addition, could you please check the cookies after login (on Chrome F12 -> Resources), particularly cookies whose name start with odb.

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I tried with an added parameter, but nothing.

I've already done that with cookies in Chrome, and similar in FF. It's not about the cookies, because it doesn't work in incognito neither.

I restarted the machine as well, but nothing.

I'm writing thanks to IE now.


One more question: Are there any JavaScript / CSS errors (which are usually hidden for ordinary users) on the pages.

In most of our pages the differences between logged users and guests are generated by JavaScript / CSS on the client side (based on cookies). This enables better caching, but if there are unrelated JavaScript errors it may not work.

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Yes, there are. I forgot to check that. Check the attachments.

The log in page has the same errors as the main forum page.


I got the same JavaScript error now with an old FireFox.

It seems that it cannot handle a specific optimized JavaScript by JSMin, but when switching to another optimizer, JSMin+, it does work with no errors.

Could you please check the website again using your Chrome and FireFox?


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ObjectDB - Fast Object Database for Java (JPA/JDO)

Very nice! It works now in both browsers (both are the latest versions).

:) Good job!


Thanks, and thank you for your help.

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Thank you as well.

Now we just have to get those internal bugs fixed, because they are a real pain.

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