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Feature Request: Improved ObjectDB Explorer


ObjectDB explorer is mainly designed as database viewer, not editor. However, I think it can be improved to function as a capable editor also, and I think this will make ObjectDB an even better product.

Compared to relational database GUIs right now, ObjectDB is not as capable of entering static data into the database. What I mean is that we have to write code that is different each time (or write some methods, but still varying input each time), and execute some main method to get blocks of data into the database, while we can enter data straight into the GUI very easily in, for instance, MySQL workbench. We can write methods to batch the process, but this becomes annoying if we need to frequently, manually enter new information into the database (suppose we need to maintain a booklist db in a bookstore).

But don't get me wrong. I'm pretty impressed how most data can be entered into the database (including enum and collections, for instance) even though object databases have schemas obviously more complex than relational databases. I'm only posting this because although the explorer can edit Collections, it cannot edit Maps...and I have a lot of Maps I need to enter...

So, a few things I've noticed that I think everyone would be happy if improved upon:

- able to enter Maps into the database

- tabs instead of sub-windows in the main editing area

- able to maximize in mac client

- some work on the GUI: most icons look like they are from win98, and the solid colors for the tables and trees look again, very old. A beautiful GUI boosts productivity! :)


Posting here for discussion before submitting a ticket. What do you think?


I agree with everything!

I also miss some things while using ObjectDB Explorer.

I'll come with a list soon.


Feel free to create Explorer feature request issues, but try to separate each subject to a separate issue. Small additions, such as supporting adding new map entries can be implemented in the next versions.

You are right about the old look of the Explorer. The first version of the Explorer was developed about 15 years ago, and although it was adjusted to ObjectDB 2.0 and JPA, the look hasn't changed. We have plans to implement a modern tab based GUI in future versions.

Regarding the colors, you can change them in the Options. We will be happy to consider adapting better default colors, so please suggest such color setting.

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