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We are about to release our first product using ObjectDB (as a small embedded store), and soon hope to release a much larger product using ObjectDB (will need an OEM license).  What really interests us is JDO.  We have been using JDO for over a decade and have found it consistently a far better API than JPA, as all kinds of features that are optional or require special extensions in JPA products, (such as large query optimisation, storage of collections of non-entities and automated management of identity) are built-in to JDO.  We have recently migrated projects for JPA to ObjectDB JDO because of this, and intend to continue to use JDO in future projects and to promote its use.  We consider it significant that Spring continues to support and update its JDO capabilities.

Bearing this in mind, we would be interested to know if it is likely that ObjectDB will support new and future JDO versions: http://db.apache.org/jdo/specifications.html ?  


Development of JDO in the recent years is slow, and there are only a few JDO features that are currently not supported by ObjectDB. The main missing features are listed in the issue tracking system. Subqueries are currently not supported by ObjectDB also for JPA, and could be added to JPA and JDO at the same time in a future version of ObjectDB. Same is regarding automatically generated UUID. Other features seem to be less important, but please update the issue tracking regarding any request that you may have.

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