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Guestbook EE ear app please


Using Eclipse I have no problems running the Guestbook app as a web app on an EE 6 server.

However, I would like to call the ejb from a remote client.

I have tried various ways in creating different projects for ejb, web and client, with and without an ear, and bump into queer problems. Of course I have a remote (and local) interface, but I can't get anything to run unless I do EXACTLY one web project as in your tutorial.

Can you please put together another tutorial illustrating remote client access along with web access.

Ideally, I should have one ear and deploy that to any EE 6 app server, and have local web and remote access - just like that-.




The purpose of the tutorials is to demonstrate using of ObjectDB in minimal web applications.

Unfortunately we cannot cover the entire Java EE. Particularly calling EJB from a remote client is not related directly to ObjectDB, so although we will take your request into consideration in the future (when the tutorials are revised and updated), at the moment you may better try another Java EE tutorial that covers this subject.


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