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Web Framework Recommendation for leveraging JPA + ObjectDB


Hello dear ObjectDB Community !

First of all let me tell You: I am glad that I have revisited ObjectDB just recently; because with its newly added JPA compliance and affordability, it seems like a natural match to me.

I have the following understanding: If I persist standardly against JPA/JDO, I can switch Persistence Engines as I see fit later on ! So that I can easily switch to a true OODBMS like ObjectDB, for instance.

Immediately the following question pops up: Which Web Framework supports the JPA/JDO standard seamlessly ? In the way it was meant to be: Allowing switching Persistence Engines easily ?

On my radar is currently: The Play Framework (Java); it leverages the JPA standard, but seems to be tied somehow into the Hibernate ORM.

My question is: Does anybody use the "JPA + ObjectDB" couple successfully in conjunction with a contemporary Web Framework ? Any hints/recommendations are greatly appreciated !


TIA for Your replies !


Cheers and Tschüss

Kai (Tischler) from Northrhine-Westfalia in Germany


The 3 popular options for standard JPA web applications are:

  • Servlet container (Tomcat / Jetty) with servlets and JSPs.
  • Java EE application server (JBoss / GlassFish) with servers, JSPs, JSF and EJB.
  • Spring MVC Framework with either a servlet container or an application server.

These 3 options are demonstrated in ObjectDB tutorials and are in use by many ObjectDB users.


It seems that the Play framework is integrated with Hibernate and doesn't support any JPA provider.

I see that you have already found the following thread:


Here is another older thread that discusses integration of ObjectDB with the Play framework:



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