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Measurement of the test coverage of enhanced classes


our Entities contains logic that we need to test. Therefore we have unit tests for all our entities.

We build and test our components with Jenkins-CI.
We want to test that what we release to our customers. Therefore we think we need to test the enhanced classes.
But that distorts our test coverage measurements.

What are your experiences with test coverage?
How can we determine the real "coverage" of our tests?


Enhancement adds code to persistent classes so it would affect test coverage measurements.

Maybe measurement that is based on the source code (e.g. line coverage) rather than on the class file and JVM instructions may not be affected by code that is added by enhancement.

A simple solution could be to check test coverage with classes that are not enhanced, but still run the tests with the enhanced classes.

It is possible to implement a utility code that completes coverage of the enhanced code by calling the added methods directly, but we do not have such a tool yet.

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