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first of all i want to thank for this is site. I'm begginer in Java and also in JPA and this site is very helpful for me. Now What is my problem. Unfortunately  i have to work with postgresql + JPA + eclipselink, because is my school project. Database is final and i can't do any changes even if i wanted to. In structure of DB  is this.

-- Name: address; Type: TYPE; Schema: artio; Owner: facman


CREATE TYPE address AS (
street character varying,
city character varying,
state character varying,
country character varying,
zip character varying,
note character varying
ALTER TYPE artio.address OWNER TO facman;

AS you notice, in my project i have more schemats let say "public' and "artio".
Netbeans generate for me entity class.

problem is exactly in the column address because is not typical date type but user defined. I found some example in your sites here https://www.objectdb.com/api/java/jpa/AttributeOverride  but I'cant make it works. Also I have several questions.

1.Can i get access to direct value of address  ? Type "address" is consist with variables street,city,zip etc. 

2.How should look like get and set method ... shoud be 1 set and 1 get method for Address or for each part (street,zip,etc). 

3.If there will be getAddress method what data type it will be ? Array ? 

4.I uploaded for you my entity class of table Property (attached) and i please need your help, or i will die in front my keyboard with trying. It is only one file, having 135 line. Very much thank you for your help and I hope for answer. 

Best Regards Adam



Your questions demonstrate one of the advantages of using ObjectDB - you can store your objects as is without the need to handle mapping issues.

However, this forum is for ObjectDB users not for PostgreSQL / EclipseLink users.

Please post your questions on PostgreSQL / EclipseLink forums, StackOverflow, etc.

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Thanks for your help surprise


There is no reason for you to be surprised.

Asking for advice about ORM problems in an object database forum is like asking for advice about meat recipes in a forum of vegetarian people.

Fortunately, we do not have to deal with these problems.

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