using objectdb.jar in writing data to mariadb or mysql db


Hello All,

I am trying to develop an ICT-Issue-Tracking application. The front end is to be java (for desktop version) and python or php for the web version but i want to code queries in native java and reduce the use of regular sql patterns. Can my application use the objectdb.jar to write to mariadb or mysql using native java JPA API and in some cases JPQL or must i store to an Objectdb unique database? Moreso, does Objectdb have backup tools to back up the singular object database file created. How reliable in a production environment is this? Can objectdb handle client - server connections from over 200 users? Can it be efficiently used in client-server mode? Code exmples where possible will be appreciated.

Thank you.



ObjectDB is a standalone database. You cannot use to write to MySQL or MariaDB (as you cannot use PostgreSQL to write to MySQL). You can use Hibernate or EclipseLink as JPA implementations to write to MySQL, etc. as an alternative to using ObjectDB (although performance may be slower than using ObjectDB).

ObjectDB is reliable in production (see this stackoverflow thread) and can serve 200 or more concurrent connections in client-server mode.

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