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Is there an update on running ObjectDB purely in-memory?



I know that this has been asked, but the last time seems to be two years ago, so I'd like to know whether there is a change or an outlook regarding the topic:

Is it possible, or planned, to run ObjectDB purely in-memory, without a any file on disk? Note that "file on RAM disk", which was proposed in the past, is not an option for the application I have in mind. It would need to be true in-memory mode, as supported by SQL databases like H2 or SQLite.



We had this as an unreleased feature for a while, and following your post it is now included in version 2.6.4.

In the configuration you can define suffixes that indicate memory only databases:

      <extensions drop="temp,tmp" memory="mem,memory" />

Any database url or path with one of these specified suffixes will be handled as a memory database, e.g.:

    EntityManagerFactory emf =

The exact path (as long as it is ended with such suffix) has no real effect except in logging, etc.

Since this is a new feature we will appreciate any feedback.

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