SelfTest and com.objectdb.Doctor


Dear Objectdb-Team

We're really pleased with objectdb. Nevertheless we would like to ask for an 'extra' feature.

The class 'com.objectdb.Doctor' enables a self-test for a given Database. We would like to
make a self-test before every start of the database (i.e. the server). In case of fails or errors
we would like to repair the database and/or inform the customer.

So it would be very helpful, if the self-testroutine and the result of the self-test will
be available directly from the application.

best regards
Arne Stocker (Advolux GmbH)


You can run the Doctor from your application using:

    Doctor.main(new String[] { ... });

Output will be written to the standard output and standard error streams but these can be captured and checked.

This technique is currently in use internally by ObjectDB tests. Not ideal (and obviously dedicated API would be much cleaner) but this could serve as an immediate solution for your current needs.

ObjectDB Support

thank you for your reply. We implemented the solution and captured the string-output. 

may we hope for an Api in some future release ?

best regards



An API may be added. There is a plan to support running the Doctor online (against an open database) using an API that is similar to the current online backup (i.e. by running a special query against the database).

ObjectDB Support