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Hi we have found that applying indexes on an existing table erases the data. Are we doing something wrong.



Starting version 2.6.6 ObjectDB automatically activates new defined indexes. In earlier versions new indexes had no effect until the database was rebuilt using the Doctor. What ObjectDB version are you using?

Because automatic activation of new indexes is a new feature maybe it doesn't work well in some cases. Please provide more information. Please check carefully if data is missing (very unlikely) or queries fail to return results (possible if a new activated index is used in a query but it has not been prepared properly).


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We are on version 2.5.

Will follow your instructions.



In that case, new indexes should have no effect.

Maybe you also changed a name of a field (without declaring the schema change)?

What data is missing? Complete objects? specific fields in objects? fields related to the new index?

Have you checked the database using the Doctor? Are there any errors?

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ObjectDB - Fast Object Database for Java (JPA/JDO)

This was done few months ago and we just moved on. As far i remember the data records in the table where just deleted on which we applied indexing.

We found a solution for this past performance problem and didnt try with indexes any more until now when we have another performance issue which we believe indexes should solve.

We will make another test run when we upgrade the database.




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