Convert embedded database to server



What is the right way to convert an embedded database to a server one ?

As a result, will a file "db.odb" exist ? 

If no, where will be located db files ?





No need to convert. Same odb file is used in both client-server and embedded modes.

Just copy the odb file to the server data directory, start the server, and access the database from your application using a client-server connection url.

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Thank you support for your answer.

What are the pros and cons between an embedded database ( with remote connection enabled ) and a real server instance database ?




The benefit of the embedded-server mode is of course better performance of the main application that accesses the database in embedded mode, which is faster.

The main drawback is that the embedded server depends on the main application, so will not be available when the  application closes its connections to the database or stopped. In addition, since this mode is newer and less widely used there is higher chance for unexpected behaviour.

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