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These are questions asked in the context of the proposed architecture described in the forum thread titled, "Sample JDO Architecture for Follow Up Questions".


In the objectdb.conf file (attached to forum thread mentioned above), I set Database max-threads.  In the documentation, it was not completely clear to me if this setting controlled how many internal threads ObjectDB uses, or if ObjectDB is doing some sort of queue/locking whose depth is determined by this setting (and entries are per thread request).

Is ObjectDB SPAWNING this many internal threads?

Knowing this helps me trade off parallel throughput versus thread context switching overhead.


This parameter (if not 0) sets a semaphore that limits the number of threads that can access the database file concurrently (queuing additional threads if any).

The number of working threads in embedded mode is set by the application (i.e. by you) rather than by ObjectDB.

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