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Is an objectdb.conf required when providing test case projects here?


I am not sure whether it is mentioned anywhere (it does not seem to be given as an option under http://www.objectdb.com/java/jpa/setting) but it seems that ObjectDB projects run without an objectdb.conf (as long as <activation> is not required for > 10 entity classes).

Q: In the case where omitting the objectdb.conf does not impact on a problem being reported and diagnosed, is it acceptable to completely omit the objectdb.conf when providing (links to) mini test projects here on this forum and the issue queues ?


There is an embedded objectdb.conf file in objectdb.jar and it used when no external objectdb.conf file is available, so ObjectDB may be used with no external objectdb.conf.

You only have to provide an objectdb.conf with test cases if it is essential for demonstrating the issue, i.e. when the problem does not occur with the default configuration.

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You wrote:

> ... There is an embedded objectdb.conf file in objectdb.jar ..

Thanks, that's the bit I needed to know.




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