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How find out ObjectDB version at runtime (in a web app)


Am getting inconsistent results with the "objectdb.temp.no-enhancement-crc-check" system property of objectdb-2.6.9_02 in a Glassfish web app.

Can see correct version of objectdb-2.6.9_02 in /build/web/WEB-INF/lib.

When one runs the enhancer (which I am doing post-compile, pre-deploy with an Ant script) Object clearly indicates the version.

Q: How can one interrogate objectdb for the version at run-time ?

It does not seem to be in the odb logs, and turning on the debug mode does not seem to help. If I am correct about this, may I suggest also that you include an echo of the ObjectDB version in the header of the log output.


Answered here already: https://www.objectdb.com/forum/1465#item-2

Gave ObjectDB version:(2.6.9_02).




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