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I am new in JPA / ObjectDB development and I have many questions:


2. Object creation

I created a class named EBResult which looks like this:

public class EBResult extends Pojo implements Serializable{.....

In ObjectDB-explorer (which is part of ObjectDB library) I expected to see an object named "RESULT" due to class annotation @Entity(name="RESULT"). Instead I see following:

2.1. Why? Is the @Entity(name="RESULT") ignored by ObjectDB?
2.2. Is the annotation @Entity(name="RESULT") relevant for ObjectDB in any way?



Entity names can be used in queries instead of original class names, and are treated by ObjectDB as aliases.

In the explorer the data is organized by classes and class names are displayed, but you are right, the alias names should also be shown and this should be added in future versions of the Explorer.

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