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Insert a new entity class in a class hierarchy does not work



we have an entity class hierarchy and we want to insert a new entity in this hierarchy and our database must be automatically updated by schema evolution.

Unfortunately it does not work, because the class hierarchy had already always existed and the "new" entity class needed still only the @Entity annotation, all remaining fields got null as a value.

Only if the new entity would be also inserted new in the class hierarchy then it works well.

See our example in the attachments.

Execute first the test1. Field "name" of the entity NamedEntity is set to "name 1"
Afterwards annotate the AbstractEntity with @Entity.
And last execute test2.
You can see the field "name" of the entity NamedEntity is set to null.
Actually I would expect that remaining fields hold its values.


ObjectDB: 2.7.0

JDK: 1.8.0



Thank you for this report. Please try build 2.7.0_01 that should fix this bug.

ObjectDB Support

Thank you for the fix. It works.



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