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I would like to have the persistence.xml of my server application (REST service) use a JTA data source, so that I can configure the data source from the app server (Glassfish 4 in my case).  My application already uses a number of JDBC data sources for Oracle etc., that are configured in that way, but I'm not sure how to achieve it with ObjectDB.  I'm guessing that I could create my own implementations, piggy backing on existing JDBC functionality, but want to check to make sure that I'm not missing a vital point or unnecessarily re-inventing something that exists already. Is there ObjectDB / app server support for JTA data sources?

Paul Hudson

Currently ObjectDB database urls can be specified either as a virtual persistence unit name, or using the "javax.persistence.jdbc.url" property in a real persistence unit.

Note that JTA is supported by ObjectDB but JDBC is not supported as well as conventional data source setting.

If you create a basic data source implementation for ObjectDB and you are willing to share it then we may be able to integrate it into ObjectDB and maybe extend it in the future.

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