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String Contains Query Result - Possible?



I have a managed database for an Entity, "Program", containing a String field, "description", that is effectively a unique sub-string of a system generated description.

System: For Series Sales usage: 6014-Private Individual Swim Lessons  10-Pack
Database: 6014-Private Individual Swim Lessons  10-Pack

I would like to know if it is possible to have a query return the "Program" object using the System Description?

I've considered doing something similar to...

SELECT FROM Program WHERE description LIKE " [something] "

...but, this doesn't seem like it will work even when using wildcards as the input string will be larger than the string being searched for.

Presently, the only solution I have is to iterate over all the Program objects manually and find one that is contained within the System Description.

public static Program programByDescription(String desc)
  for(Program p : allPrograms())
    return p;

  return null;

Is there a more optimal way to do this?


You can use JPQL Locate:

SELECT FROM Program WHERE LOCATE(" [something] ", description) > 0


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