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How to create a wildfly datasource with dsJndi name to an objectdb database?


Hello everybody,

maybe someone can help me creating a wildfly datasource to an objectdb database?

I want to setup the authentication in my JEE-Application working the following way:

- users are stored in my objectdb database

- wildfly has a security domain setup using the DatabaseServerLoginModule

Therefore I need a dsJndiName for the objectdb database and I can't find anything how to create a datasource with a dsJndiName for objectdb.

It would be great if someone has some advice for me.

Thank you.


ObjectDB doesn't have a JDBC driver and a standard data source.

You can follow this tutorial (or download and run the Maven project of that tutorial) in order to run ObjectDB in Wildfly or any other Java EE application server.

ObjectDB Support


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