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In objectdb site i found :Note: This ORM/SQL annotation is silently ignored by ObjectDB

so i want  join tow table and generate a third table.


 table 1: employee    table 2: address  and the generate table will be table 3: emp_add

employee: e_id, e_name

address: add_id, city, house_no;

the third table will be like.

emp_add: e_id, add_id

i am using annotation like:

in Employee class:

    @JoinTable(name = "emp_add",
            = @JoinColumn(name = "e_id", referencedColumnName = "e_id"), 
            = @JoinColumn(name = "add_id", referencedColumnName = "add_id") 

public Set getAddress()
        return address;

in Address class:

@ManyToMany(mappedBy = "address")
    public Set getEmployee()
        return employee;

how can i solve this problem.....

if you want to see my source code below attach section

Thank you



One of the benefits of using ObjectDB is that relationships are managed automatically.

Just define the relationship between Employee and Address as a Java reference field in Employee or if it is bidirectional relationships also add a reference back from Address to Employee with a mappedBy setting.

You can use either a to-one reference (Address) or to-many reference (e.g. List<Address>).

See the manual for more details.

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